Json Viewer

Convert Json to table format. Amazing Json Viewer!

What is Json Viewer

Json Viewer is ultimate tool to view complex Json data in nicely formatted table format, which enable developers to see complex data comfortably, ultimately improving productivity.

How to View Json in this tool

Drop your Json data in left panel, Click button, wait for tool to process through and generate Grid for you, that can be seen in right panel.

How does this tool in help in viewing Json

The tool converts long arrays into table format which makes it easy for developers to look into large Json data.

Click Grid cells and see the magic in Json Panel, GridSync feature

The Grid elements are tightly coupled with original Json Elements. To get a glimpse of this, try clicking on one of elements of Grid and see how Json Editor (left panel) navigates to actual Json data.

Export Json to CSV

Do you need to share Json data with people who are not developers, use this tool to first generate Grid out of Json. Navigate to top corner on any table, click on menu item , and select option to export CSV from Json.

Use GridSync to change Json items

Editing Json can be really cumbersome task, especially when it's complex. Utilizing GridSync feature in the tool, it could become piece of cake. Just click on Grid items, and modify Json values in the left panel.

Theme and View of your choice

Every developer has his own choice on colors, especially they like Dark or Light editors. Using you can change this anytime. Similarly, If you need to see both view in large space, change view to Split View.

Can you give more details on Json data structure?

Software use Json data structure to interchange data, since easy to read and can hold really complex data. Check out detailed information on Json here: Json.orgWikipedia

Fully free Json Viewer

Json Viewer is completely free and cross-platform. Use it anywhere, everywhere!

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