Json Validator

Validate your Json, find all errors and fix right-away!

What is Json Validator

Json Validator is an online tool to validate Json data format. This tool enables user to not only validates the Json but also directs to the errors in Json. It allows use to fix them right away.

How to validate Json

Find button, click it, tool will start validating your Json and show result in a moment. In case, Json is invalid, see errors in bottom status bar in Json Editor (left panel).

Why does Json need be validated?

Json is amazing format to hold and interchange data. But at times, Json could get very complex to handle, especially while editing Json elements. It's high likely that one will run into multiple errors while editing large Json data. This tool will show all errors with exact line numbers and associate error with correct suggestion to fix that right away. It's simply awesome tool!

Grid and Json are connected, GridSync feature

The Grid is generated out of Json data and tool hold a deep link to every single element of Json data. By click one of Grid's element, you will be navigated to linked Json Items.

Download CSV from Json

The tool converts every Json Array into table. Right from icon in menu item , you will be able to download CSV file.

Modify Json whenever you want

Use GridSync feature to find the right Json Element and edit the Json in left panel, simple and easy.

Modify Theme, light or dark background. Modify View, see larger one view

Don't like too much background light, go to change the theme to Dark. Does Split view offer very little space, Change the view to Tab View.

Don't know about Json, teach me!

Json is most popular data format that has been used to transfer data between programs and computers. To get details, please visit: Json.orgWikipedia

Totally free Json Validator

This is free online tool to validate the Json, don't worry use as much as you want! It's cross platform and accessible in every browser and OS!

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