Json Parser

Parse Json, view in tree and grid format!

What is Json Parser

Json Parser is the online tool to parse Json. Json could be very complex sometimes. If it's not formatted, it's really hard to understand the entire tree structure of it. This tool helps to parse this complex Json and shows in human friendly table format.

How to Parse Json using the tool

After pasting your Json to Json Editor (left panel), click on icon to parse the Json and view in Grid format.

How parsing Json helps to debug

Parsing and Viewing Json in Grid helps developers to inspect and see complex structure of Json. That way it becomes easy to find issues in data structure overall.

Point actual Json elements while viewing Json in Grid, GridSync feature

You can select Grid parts to see associated Json Elements in left panel. It's very fast, try it!

Generate CSV out of Json anytime

In case you need to generate CSV from Json, go to any table in Grid and click on top-left menu (img:table_menu), select export to CSV.

Update Json by using GridSync Feature

If you need to edit Json, change any value, use GridSync feature. Click anywhere on Grid to fly into Json, and change it.

Use dynamic Theme to see light or dark. Use tool in Split or Tab view

Notice button in top-right corner, click and change your preference. If you prefer, change the view if you like to.

Enlighten on Json

Json uses minimal characters to hold the large amount of data, which is the reason it's popular now a days. Get to know more from here: Json.orgWikipedia

Completely free Json Parser

Json Parser is online tool, completely free and can be used from any browser.

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