Json Formatter

Format Json instantly. Simply fast and easy!

What is Json Formatter?

Json Formatter formats Json instantly (in left panel). It adds extra lines and spaces, so it human readable and inspectable. Also, it allows Json to view in nice table format (in right panel).

How to format Json?

Click button to format the Json. The tool will format the Json only if the Json is valid. It's super easy and blazing fast.

Why does Json need formatting?

Often Software developers need to inspect Json data that is floating around various apps. Often this data is difficult to read because of it's massive size. The tool makes it easy to read.

GridSync to connect Json to Grid

GridSync is premium and unique feature of JsonGrid. On selecting Grid cell, column or row, the Json Editor (left panel) jumps to the specific Json item that is associated with.

Tool converts Json to CSV too

If you need to see Json data in CSV format, this is right tool. Go to any table in Grid Viewer, click on .

Use as Json Editor with GridSync feature

Using GridSync feature, user can quickly navigate to Json Item that is selected in Grid, which allows to edit right away.

Change Theme, Change View

Choose Lite them to see background in white Or Dark theme to see in black. Both are developer friendly. Likewise, Choose Split View to see Json and Grid in one place. Choose Tab View to see Json or Grid one at a time and navigate between two on clicking on bottom tabs.

Describe Json

JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) is a open data format to represent data elements. It's light in size and network friendly to interchange. To more about Json go to: Json.orgWikipedia

100% Free Json Formatter

Json Formatter is completely free software. It works on web browser, so compatible with any operation system. It's simple and easy to use, Cheers!

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